Germans Are Getting Fed Up…With Journalists Too

Chants of “Lügenpresse” by ordinary Germans are shown briefly, then most of the coverage predictably focuses on leftist groups. It is this way with every news organization: cover a reaction to Leftism only if it is too obvious to ignore, but then play up demonstrators countering it. The story then becomes one shoring up the Left.

In trying to follow what is going on in Europe, I find is extremely difficult to obtain trustworthy information. True information, of course, is expensive because it doesn’t exist yet; it has to be discovered and assembled. If it is readily available in an easily accessible form, you can bet someone picked up the tab.

A camera lies often enough: what is in the frame, what is outside it, the context, etc. When you see a reporter, usually female, in front of the camera with a microphone “explaining” what is going on, you can bet it’s a huge distortion.

In the absence of trustworthy information, my general rule of thumb is to invert whatever is “widely reported.” Assume the media is lying, or at the very least attempting to persuade in a particular direction. If one can discern what that direction is, the truth is most likely in the opposite direction. Example: Western mass media tells us that Russia is meddling in Ukraine. Actually, NATO has invaded western Ukraine. Russian troops are on their own territory.

In any event, you get the idea.

I wonder what the chances are of a right wing European group actually attacking journalists in the streets…


2 thoughts on “Germans Are Getting Fed Up…With Journalists Too

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