The Gulag Delta

The Kakistocracy

It does not require submersion in our blog canon to understand how lightly we take the solemn precepts of our Constitution. This document, so revered by Legacy Americans, has been deployed as little more than pretext for turning them into footstools. Popular expressions of their own national interests are invariably found to be in conflict with emanations perceptable only from the perch of lifetime appointment. In contrast, the yearnings of outliers, aliens, and trough feeders always find a sympathetic ear within bashful penumbras.

Perhaps no element of the Constitution has provided a more a reliable expedient than the 14th Amendment. This “Reconstruction” (of which the confederacy still patiently awaits) Amendment was passed with no Southern participation except as an allowance for resumed congressional representation. Submit to our demand and we’ll let you vote yes on it. Just like Madison intended. Those Northern boys certainly knew how to manage a gunpoint…

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