The Lessons of 1989

1989 was a spectacular year. Once the Soviet Union indicated it would not prop up the Eastern European communist governments by force or subsidy, they fell.

Up until the last minute, the Cathedral of communist Eastern Europe kept humming along as if nothing had changed. Politicians stonewalled, the media continued its lies, academia continued cultural and ideological poisoning. But once one rotten government fell, the rest followed. But the communists themselves remained. Some even achieved power again, including one Angela Merkel.

Merkel has reinstated border controls. I never expected that from her. The fact that she reversed herself indicates that she is weak and on the ropes. Now is the time for the Right to hit her hard relentlessly. Germans could potentially hound her out of office.

The EU as a transnational organization today is far weaker than the Soviet Union as a military power was in 1989. If the Right can get just one European country to withdraw from the EU, the rest of the countries would follow swiftly, just like in 1989. And the EU itself would collapse within a couple of years.



3 thoughts on “The Lessons of 1989

  1. I think things will take a more racialist bent once the middle class either collapses financially or has diversity forcibly shoved in their face. Ignorance on matters of human nature is only sustainable by someone of a middle class conformist mindset, and by someone who has enough money and entertainment to ignore the world.

    Personally, if I were some European activist, I would be pushing hard for forced integration of refugees into middle class neighborhoods, especially in liberal areas.

    But I have no idea what the mood is on the ground in Germany. Maybe the white European is finished and western Europeans are unwilling to offer anything more than token resistance. I don’t know–I would love to hear more European perspectives on the migrant invasion.

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