European State of Emergency

Some suggestions:

1. Each country along this path– Greece, FYROM, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, etc.– declare a state of emergency concerning transportation. Mobilize the military. Impose martial law in areas affected by the invasion.

2. Ban all journalists, photographers, videographers, etc. from border areas and transportation zones. Arrest any non-citizen or journalist found in those zones. Expel non-citizens, prosecute journalists for espionage under martial law. Suspend cooperation with OSCE, UN, EU, and other international organizations. Do not permit their staff to enter or remain in the country. Impose censorship on all media.

3. Close the borders to northbound travel. Do not permit through-transit of non-Europeans. Institute internal travel controls, including checkpoints and random traffic stops. All judicial decisions concerning “migrants” to be made by local military officers.

4. Instead of transporting “migrants” northward, expel them to the south. Arrest anyone caught assisting “migrants” on the spot and imprison or execute them for aiding and abetting the enemy.

5. Shoot any “migrant” attempting to escape being rounded up.

6. Identify who is paying for their transportation, food, drinks, etc. Disband and prosecute those organizations. Confiscate their assets. Arrest individuals involved in providing money to or on behalf of “migrants.” Do not provide food, water, etc. to north-bound migrants, nor permit others to do so on pain of charges of providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Provide food, water, etc. only to those cooperating in their expulsion and only on southbound trains.

7. Impose a naval blockade at foreign ports of origin and do not permit ships carrying people to leave those ports. Stop and inspect all ships as they attempt to leave port. Seize and return to port all ships containing “migrants”, permanently disabling any ship so returned. Do not permit northbound trains containing “migrants” to enter the country. Shoot any “migrant” attempting to cross the border.

8. Ban foreign NGOs and Foundations. Expel their staff. Shut down and ban any organization which cooperates with them.

9. Ban foreign journalists. Expel those in the country.

10. Cut internet connections to and around universities. Arrest anyone advocating against the state of emergency just like any country would when, you know, it’s at war for its survival.

The media lies. This video is purportedly “about” a journalist kicking someone. Never mind that the crowd can be heard chanting Allah Akbar later.

Europeans and Americans actually believe these mobs have walked to Europe without help. Bullshit.


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