White Women Are Getting Fed Up

I have been very busy and unable to write much, so I apologize for the copy pasta.

Having said that, this video really ought to be seen and spread. YkwTube has it hidden behind a “log in to prove your age wall” (i.e. to keep track of who watches it), but it’s worth seeing.

Originally posted by da GBFM lzzzzzzzlzlz (TM) as a comment at Chateau Heartiste.

9 thoughts on “White Women Are Getting Fed Up

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  3. Our women are finally Waking Up to the neo-progressive multicultural subterfuge and subversion through mass dark heathen enemy immigration and dark hedonistic miscegenation or genocide of white protestant and christian America.


    • Men lead, women follow. It’s just that as of the past few years the far right has been gaining at least a small amount of societal traction.

      Thus, I don’t think it mas much to do with “women waking up”, it’s more that just a lot of people are getting fed up with the post 2008/Obama far left.


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  5. “Awakening” a little tooo late. Most “MOST” not all, women in USA are TOTAL radicalized liberals/progressives. Please excuse me if I don’t get behind the whole let’s glorify the American woman movement. After all they did give us feminism & lesbianism.


  6. The feminists are now seeing that the bankster money is targeting them. Germain Greer is no longer allowed to speak at univercities in the UK. The new Transgender movement is the power house on the block. Old femanists openly confess to the lie of feminisim. They are old wrinkly and no family or friends. No grangchildren and no lesbian company means they now see white western Christian males were good and loving protectors and providers. Poor ladies we must absorb them so that they are not shunned but held up as a bastion of truth for family, tribe, people and nation, culture and above all truth. Truth is Kharma it will bite you on you butt evertime. Be good men and accept their repentence. It was not them but the banksters Masonic bullshite.


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