Ritual Observance


  • We all perform rituals. Repeated activities, conducted in order to remember certain things.
  • At the simplistic level, there are personal rituals that are just part of our day. Coffee. Shaving.
  • However even at the personal level, rituals can be deeper than this. Habits we have to remind us of who we are, have been, have known.
  • However, ritual is something that comes into its own when it is shared. Whether this is at the level of the family, the group, the team, the community, the state, the nation, the church. Shared ritual brings shared experience.
  • If you are trying to strengthen community, ritual is one of the primary tools of both analysis and construction.
  •  Observing the rituals conducted by the people in your community reveals that which is common to them, that which is important to them.
  • To establish identity, establish ritual.
  • To break down identification and association with competing structures, modify

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