African Hordes Invade Europe

Hordes of military-aged men are swarming into Europe. Most, I imagine, are muslims. The video below shows some of them at Calais attempting to jump trains into Britain.

The media and political elites not only allow this, they encourage it. It will lead to the destruction of European nation states and ethnicities if it isn’t stopped and reversed. Furthermore, democracy has proven beyond any doubt to be a failure as it creates the environment where something like this can take place.

Look at the video. You will see mobs of Africans roaming the streets of Calais while the police do nothing.

Where is the sense of outrage and indignation? Africans have no right to be in Europe!

The longer this situation is allowed to continue, the more bloody and difficult it will be to solve in the future. European militaries must put a stop to this if Europeans themselves are to be saved. It is a simple matter of racial and cultural survival in a collision of recessive (European) and dominant (African) genes. Survival must trump every other consideration or value. If governments do not act decisively to reverse this tide, I pray that European militaries will summon the courage of their ancestors and replace their traitorous democratic governments before it is too late.

As I see it, the only hope is a series of military coups d’états in European countries, with immediate imposition of strict controls on the media and removal, by force if need be, of non-Europeans from Europe.


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