The Misery of Faust

The Kakistocracy

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is a man who he has lost his soul. No matter the success of his moonshot bid for the presidency, he knows a part of himself has been left behind in the pursuit. Like most who sacrifice their honor, he will rationalize its loss. Though the absence will gape wide as an old man tallies his life.

Though we’ll come back to that. First a question: are these lines coming together or moving apart?


That’s a matter of horizontal perspective. So are the trajectories of contemporary political movements, where convergence is often mistaken for convenience. And convenience–as in marriage of–is a fair description of modern American liberalism. A concept that, in reality, spans everything from The Nation to National Review. Though I’ll use the Democratic party as a proxy for these purposes.

By appearances, the left has assembled a coordinated political apparatus that has been…

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