Washington Post: There’s No Race War in America

Today’s Washington Post contains an editorial entitled There’s No Race War in America.

The WAPO is the Cathedral and is therefore neither an ally nor to be trusted in any circumstances.

Nevertheless, the editorial says:

Our country is in a miasma of political correctness. So where does it end? Are we going to rename our nation’s capital (and Washington state for that matter)? Should we close the Jefferson Memorial (named for a man who never freed his slaves)? How about renaming Arlington (which is named after Robert E. Lee’s estate) . . . or Washington and Lee University (names for not one, but two slave owners) . . . or Fort Hood (named for Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood) and Fort Bragg (named for Braxton Bragg, military adviser to Confederate President Jefferson Davis).

This impulse to wipe away history is Stalinist. Just like Joseph Stalin once erased people from photographs, we’re now erasing people from our collective history.

This is quite correct.

The Post then goes on to cite the FBI crime statistics from 2013 (latest year available), which indicate that most blacks are killed by blacks and most whites are killed by whites. Of course, the Post omits the fact that black on white homicide is orders of magnitude greater than white on black homicide. But to expect that would be to expect too much from the Cathedral.

Overall, the editorial is sensible and something those who rely on the MSM for the “truth” need to read.

But remember that the Cathedral is our enemy and the enemy of everything we value. We should remain extra vigilant. Nevertheless, one hopes that the Post’s UVA graduates can stay this course.

Of course, it only takes one side to start a war. A more accurate headline may have been, “There is no white on black war in America.” Black on white homicide statistics tell another story. But baby steps first…


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