The Price of Princesses

I’m hesitant to bite the hand that feeds me and many like me.

But I was outraged to log into my WordPress blog to find the homosexual flag at the top of my blog’s dashboard. It is not optional; I cannot opt out of it. Homosexual triumphalism is mandatory.


The Eskimo-driven homosexual agenda is a tactic to destroy us. It is being deployed against the family, the church, and the nation via the mass media.

I take some consolation in the fact that this is not sustainable for much more than a generation. No society that promotes this can survive much longer than that. It is axiomatically impossible.

A couple of days ago I was bringing a 25 pound bag of salt home when I ran into a neighbor. He said, “wow, there was a time when you could have bought 4 princesses with that much salt.” As I walked past him I said, “that time may come again.” I took my salt inside and stored it with some other supplies.

Tomorrow my church will most likely select a Negro to be the presiding Bishop over what has until recently been the traditional Anglo-Saxon church in the United States. When that happens, it will no longer be my church and I must exit. No Anglo-Saxon worth his salt submits (“Islam” in Arabic) to a Negro.

This picture is of the official residence of the President of the United States. I can’t help but notice that it is rainbow colored on the outside, but completely dark on the inside.



4 thoughts on “The Price of Princesses

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  2. I’m more worried about what it means when a neutral forum provider like wordpress takes side. It’ s a matter of time until “hate blogs” are banned from wordpress. Probably an opening for a right of center provider. More important, remember to download and archive your blog contact. You may need to reconstruct it Samizdat style at some point.

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