The Episcopal Church’s New Presiding Bishop

The Episcopal Church has just this moment elected The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry as its next Presiding Bishop.

The general convention continues. It has a large number of measures to be considered, and I’m opposed to every one of them. They range from obligatory homosexual marriage to new translations of the Bible to feminine pronouns referring to God to Africanizing the hymnal. And lots of measures favoring gun control. Seriously, go read them to get an idea of how far left this once great institution has gone.

On the one hand all of this is sad, because the Episcopal Church traditionally (that is, until about 55 years ago), was the established Old Order church in my country. Anglicanism has tremendous merits, particularly the via media, or middle path, through complex theological disputes.

On the other hand, none of this has anything to do with me. The church has already been feminized. Now it is being Africanized. I haven’t left the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church has left me.




One thought on “The Episcopal Church’s New Presiding Bishop

  1. Wow, this is crazy. What church would you go to? The Methodists are having the same troubles. Have the Baptists been overtaken by progressives as well? I might have to look into the Menonites.


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