Black Grievance Industry at a Traffic Stop

Although I don’t recommend wasting 18 and a half minutes of your life confirming what we all know, I can’t help but point out this video of a traffic stop a few nights ago in New Jersey.

Africans, as a group, are engaged in African tribal warfare against Europeans. It makes no difference that Europeans either don’t realize it or are “above that sort of thing.” Notice how everyone in the car immediately goes on the verbal offensive against the police officer. He appears shocked that anyone would behave that way. They scream and shout nonsense and patently untrue things. But truth doesn’t matter to them. Any statement or assertion is used against the enemy, if what they scream is true it is simply a matter of coincidence.

Next, they get out of their car and move towards the cops. There is no respect for authority and, if more cops hadn’t shown up, I believe they would have escalated it to a physical attack on the first officer. Africans as a group behave according to African norms. It’s that simple.

Any time we extend Africans the benefit of our principals, they immediately use those principals against us. Europeans do not recognize this because, it seems to me, we have been “educated” to think that everyone is equal. In fact, different groups are anything but equal. Also, we tend to think that our principals are universal. Experience indicates otherwise.

The more power and influence is ceded to Africans, the more Africanized our country will become. That is inevitable. To get a glimpse of the future of US and Europe, take a glance at Africa. The fact that so many Africans want to migrate to Europe and North America is indicative of their own incompetence.

It’s an old question but it bears repeating: which African country would you want to live in? [Snide answer from the kid at the back of the class: “the United States!”]

Third world migration to Europe and North America is an existential threat to every one of us. It must be addressed militarily while we still control the military. Otherwise, when Africans take over, they will use the military against us. That’s what Africans do.

You heard it here first.


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