Principles of Personal Defense

“So, when under attack, it is necessary to evaluate the situation and to decide instantly upon a proper course of action, to be carried out immediately with all the force you can bring to bear. He who hesitates is indeed lost. Do not soliloquize. Do not delay. Be decisive.”

“Now how do we cultivate an aggressive response? I think the answer is indignation… These people have no right to prey upon innocent citizens. They have no right to offer you violence. They are bad people and you are quite justified in resenting their behavior to the point of rage. Your response, if attacked, must not be fear, it must be anger.”

“The foregoing is quite obviously not an approved outlook in current sociological circles. That is of no consequence. We are concerned here simply with survival. After we have arranged for our survival, we can discuss sociology.”

— From “Principles of Personal Defense” by Jeff Cooper.

This applies to families, communities, and thedes as well as to individuals. The lessons are instructive. Failure to absorb and apply them leads to merciless remedial instruction in the School of Hard Knocks.

Read Principles_of_Personal_Defense. Absorb the lesson, and apply it…


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