Dare to stand

Advice of the decade:

“Find others within your influence who will stand unquestioningly, unwaveringly with you. No enemies to the right. Do not abuse this trust.

Stand unquestioningly, unwaveringly with others when they make their own stands. Do not abuse this trust.”


  • In your life, intentionally dare to expose internal greatness, nobility, integrity beyond that which is societally acceptable.
  • This is not simple, nor is it inexpensive. It demands a gap in the facade we display to fit in, and it costs relationships and opportunities. Accept the cost, stand, and when all is done, continue to stand.
  • It demands further that those characteristics that you expose are integral to who you are. This is not a call to greater ‘holiness’. Do not show false, but be prepared to own who you are.
  • Do not do so without specific intention. Do not be inefficient. Do not waste the social influence you have. The more you can focus your exposure onto community that matters to you, the greater you stand to benefit.
  • Do this because doing so shifts the culture around you.

Developing Capacity

  • Exposing oneself like this is a costly exercise. Build up…

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