On Marriage

“Thus a community wishing to reverse the trend of the arc towards social decay must create within itself an artificial shortage of luxury through an intentional focus on future generations rather than individual gratification.”


  • Marriage, as it impacts directly on reproduction, is one of the foundational social technologies of any society.
  • As with almost all social technologies, the change from communal to individualistic focus inherent in modern society has placed the technology of marriage under increasing pressure and resulted in ongoing erosion of the institution and its power.
  • Thus underlying the increasingly obvious degradation of marriage over the past few generations is the increasing social focus on the individual at the cost of the group, even as the state increasingly focuses on the group at the cost of the individual. Jim, in his unabashedly blunt manner, provides a run down on the changes and effects since the early 1800’s here.
  • Suffice to say, that once the weighting we give individual concerns over societal ones exceeds a certain threshold — alternatively and just as accurately, once societal resources exceed a certain level — pressure is exerted…

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