Men, please, not Guys

While there is a time and place for the word “guys”– usually in an informal gathering of friends– the word is being vastly overused nowadays, even on rightist blogs. No doubt, its overuse is probably to some degree both generational and informal, or otherwise unconscious. Nevertheless, there’s far too much of it.

The correct term for an adult male is “man.” The correct term for a teenaged male is “young man.”

The correct term for an educated and cultured adult male is “gentleman.” While I recognize that this term is more formal, it nevertheless has a proper place.

We would do well to use the word “man” or “men” in place of “guy” or “guys” in general writing. Certainly, we should refer to ourselves, and to our fellow men, this way.

And that, gentlemen, is my two cent’s worth.


One thought on “Men, please, not Guys

  1. Hear, hear!

    Some other decent terms are ones that make reference to the brotherhood of those who share a common faith or are working on a common enterprise; ‘brothers’ is good, but I like ‘brethren’ better, because it’s more archaic.

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