“We must give up on EU, integrate with Russia” – Seselj

President of the Serbian Radical Party Vojislav Seselj said that his party’s goal is “integration with Russia” while he was presenting his new book ‘Hate Speech as a Crime Against Humanity’ in Belgrade on Thursday.

This is no surprise. The ruling elites in the West have consistently been anti-Serb (and pro-Islam) for decades. It is not for me to assign motives or speculate about incentives for doing so. It is enough to simply look at the effects of Western policy in the Balkans: it very plainly advances Islam while thwarting and stifling Christianity and Christian societies.

Meanwhile, on Russia’s central western flank, Politically Correct forces (aka NATO aka US and Germany) are engaging in war games meters from Russian territory in Lithuania, Romania, and elsewhere. Political Correctness continues its proxy war in Ukraine keeping unknown swathes of farmland out of agricultural production. I wonder how to ask cui bono in Hebrew…

A few generations ago, how would the US have reacted to Soviet military maneuvers in White Rock and Brownsville?


2 thoughts on ““We must give up on EU, integrate with Russia” – Seselj

  1. I like him already. Serbia has always been a partner for Russia. Those trying to crowbar the country out of the Slavic world and joining it to the Frankenstein’s monster of the EU are traitors and enemies.


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