European Football and the Organized Right

The video above is random clip of German football fans (Hannover 96) at a recent match against Bremen. But they could be any fans of any football team in any European country.

European football fan clubs (so-called “Ultras”) are, generally speaking (there are exceptions, of course), comprised of masculine white European men of local ethnicity. They are highly organized. Many fans work out in gyms and train in kickboxing and other martial arts. Pre-arranged supervised “fair fights” (brawls, actually) are quite common. They fight with riot police at the drop of a hat, although I suspect that they have more in common with individual riot policemen than one would at first perhaps imagine.

The many wars of Europe’s long history simmer just beneath the surface of public perception. They are inherently right-wing, as even a cursory glance will confirm.

I can’t say what form it will take, but I think it will be interesting to see what part Ultras may play in Europe’s coming race war.

And make no mistake about it: a race war is now inevitable. Millions of Africans and other Third-worlders are being imported into Europe by the ruling elites. One doesn’t have to attribute motive: the objective effect is anti-European, anti-Christian, and anti-white. At some point, organized Europeans will fight back, even if it is too little, too late.


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