Rights and Ritual


  • ‘Rights’ — in terms of unconditional standards of interaction — are an ephemerie.  Bluntly, you have no rights.
  • You cannot argue that you have a inalienable right to private property, nor to an education, nor to a happy life. The simple truth is none of those things are givens.  At most as a society we can strive to provide certain common goods, or impose consequences for the failure to provide them. Rights are, at the limit, simply motherhood statements.
  • Yet the establishment of a set of standards, of expected behaviours, is foundational to common society. Often these are not formalised, minutiae learned simply by observing the actions of others.
  • Other common standards are formalised bringing consistency over time and place at a cost to their capacity to flex organically with need.
  • Thus common standards need careful consideration, ritual, and formal reconsideration from time to time.
  • Yet even here there is an awkward aspect…

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