The trailing edge


  • Continuing from ‘Whither the less capable?’
  • In any society, there are a number of individuals who do not have the capacity and/or inclination to contribute effectively to the economy. Many — but not all — of these also fail to contribute positively to the culture.  In the worst cases these not only fail to contribute but actively reduce the capacity of others within the society to do so.
  • Confronting this aspect of society is one of the defining challenges of any form of governance, as it pulls into tension interpersonal care for individuals and sovereign care for a people.

Sovereign Care

  • In resource constrained societies, the tendency is towards ‘survival of the fittest’. However, this must be considered carefully, as the selection basis for fitness in a resource constrained scenario — especially in a deeply constrained (anarchic?) case — becomes survival on an individual level, not a civilisational one…

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