Episcopal Church Prediction

The Episcopal Church will hold its General Convention in late June and early July in Salt Lake City. Why SLC was chosen is beyond me, as are many things about the church. Perhaps it was selected in an attempt to infect Mormonism with the pathogen of Leftism… who knows?

In any event, the convention will select a new Presiding Bishop who will serve a 9 year term.

I predict that Bishop Michael Curry will be elected PB solely for the fact that he is a negro.

The Episcopal Clergy are, as a group, cultural Marxists. Many of them are outright Unitarians in theology. While there may be a non-progressive priest somewhere or another, the church hierarchy hews to The Narrative just like the Progressive organ it in fact is. Episcopal clergy actively promote Islam in the US (a few months ago, the National Cathedral hosted an Islamic Friday afternoon prayer: the major weekly Islamic service). Clergy and theologians talk about “welcoming”, “radical hospitality,” and other terms of art that are an explicit rejection of the Great Commission. They seek to emasculate the Divine Masculine (the current Presiding Bishop has even referred to “Mother Jesus”) without so much as a passing thought as to what this means to the Christmas story.

Episcopal Migration Ministries is busy seeding moslems from Africa and the Middle East in cities and towns across the US, both outright and also by operating through contractors. These refugees are selected by the United Nations, according to what criteria I am unable to discern, and in turn are processed by the US State Department before being sent to Episcopal Migration Ministries locations. The US government, under a program administered by EMM and other non-profits, is importing poor moslems into this country and putting them on welfare.

Meanwhile, the Social Justice ministry of the Episcopal Church will continue to preach anti-White drivel while the Indigenous ministry advocates for giving the country back to the Indians. That last part about the Indians, by the way, was an inconceivable absurdity from my childhood, which we kids used to evoke to denigrate any ridiculous idea. Then, it was as absurd and inconceivable (no pun intended) as homosexual marriage used to be, but which is now openly advocated by the highest levels of the Episcopal Church leadership. I assure you, Episcopal Indigenous Ministry is actively seeking to give the country back to the Indians.

And Episcopal clergy honestly and earnestly wonder why the church is in decline.

You heard it here first.



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