You Only Had to Listen

The Kakistocracy

With attention still rooted on Baltimore’s black Tupperware party, I thought it interesting to note some of the demands for tribute, or euphemistically calls for ‘reconciliation,’ that have already begun to percolate up from the cinders.

Several politicians and popinjays have identified the root causes of the riots:

high unemployment, poor schools, police mistreatment, and other inferior living conditions for African Americans.

And as we all know, these inferior living conditions manifest out of the ether and can in no way be attributed to the population suffering them. Why are blacks always unemployed and shunted into bad schools? And each time they are bussed to a good school, it cruelly turns bad. It seems these malevolent inferior living conditions perpetually follow blacks like a slug’s mucus trail. It really is quite unacceptable. So what is the prescribed recourse for this iniquitous inequity? Here’s what’s been advanced presently:

Recommendations for addressing…

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