Whither the less capable?


  • Modernity identifies reduced individual productive capacity as due to external disadvantage and attempts to equalise through the application of impersonal external advantage as required.
  • Reduced individual productive capacity is however largely due to internal disadvantage. While the obvious solution is to build up internal advantages past a certain point, this difficult to impossible to do. We are left in the position of making the most of individuals as they are, not as we would wish them to be.
  • For some, the capacity to voluntarily become part of a greater whole is an option; under leadership, under advice, outcomes improve. Thus the capacity to voluntarily come under leadership or advice in life is a critical element for those with less productive capacity.
  • Those lacking capacity for submission, in conjunction with lacking the capacity to produce at a minimum level in society place society in a quandary as at some point they impose costs upon society greater than their contribution…

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