Become Worthy


  • Hat tip to AntiDem for the spark this morning.
  • Becoming Worthy is a holistic endeavour demanding the excellence you are capable of in body, in soul, and in spirit.
  • Many websites capture elements of this process, focussing on aspects of the growth required, but I’m not aware of any that capture those processes in this context. At the moment, this is still a process one must construct for themselves.
  • Mind you, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is not a bad starting point.

Becoming a worthy Advisor

  • Understand first what you are becoming worthy of. Becoming worthy as to lead is a different path to becoming worthy as to be listened to by someone of worth. An advisor does not lead except upon command, and then only in temporary measure. You must decide whether you seek to lead.  If you seek to lead and are not yet worthy, seek leadership under the auspices…

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