One Man, One Vote is the Path to Hell

Cambria Will Not Yield

Andries_PretoriusIn considering South Africa, it needs to be repeated that the campaign against her is nothing more or less than a campaign against the White Christian race itself. It is actually a misnomer to call it an anti-South African campaign. It is an antiWhite campaign. It is a war against all of us. – Anthony Jacob


I first read Anthony Jacob’s book White Man Think Again in the early 1980s, before South Africa’s De Klerkian capitulation to the snarling wolf pack called the Western world. When the Afrikaners did surrender to the forces of ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity’ it was impossible not to compare the Afrikaners before the fall and after the fall, without feeling an incredible sadness. Before:

South African is the only country in all Africa which has a future as a major world power. Moreover as a major world power it will be…

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