NATO Seminar in Serbia

Why Serbs would permit NATO to host a “seminar” at the Serb National Assembly in Belgrade is beyond my understanding. The irony of Serbs being kept at a distance from the National Assembly– a “democratic” institution– by the police is striking.

In any event, I note with approval the explicit religious symbols (crossing, icons) of Serbs in this brief video.

According to NATO: “For two to three days, members of parliament from NATO member and partner countries meet with government officials, representatives from NATO and other international organisations, as well as experts from universities, think tanks and NGOs, to discuss one specific security issue of common interest. While seminars originally focused primarily on civil-military relations, including the democratic control of armed forces [emphasis added], today, they focus primarily on regional security issues in the Euro-Atlantic region and beyond. Recent themes for seminars have included stability in the Western Balkans, unresolved conflicts in the South Caucasus, Afghanistan, Central Asian security, and Arctic security, among others.

Seminars help familiarize legislators [emphasis added] with key security and defence issues. Most importantly, they have proved an excellent tool for involving and integrating parliamentarians from partner parliaments in Assembly activities. By bringing together parliamentarians from NATO countries with their counterparts in non-member parliaments, the Rose Roth seminars help build a sense [emphasis added] of partnership and co-operation at the legislative level. They also help improve mutual understanding among legislators of their various problems and perspectives. Parliamentarians from NATO countries get to hear the perspective of their counterparts in partner countries, and vice versa. As importantly, parliamentarians from neighbouring partner countries meet in a context which allows for more informal interactions and discussions. Where relations between neighbours are strained, this can be one of the few opportunities for such contacts.

The vast majority of seminars are hosted by partner parliaments, which favours these delegations’ sense [emphasis added] of ownership of the Assembly’s processes and agenda, and allows for greater exposure of civil society in partner countries to NATO [emphasis added] and broader defence and security issues.” Source:


Who has the upper hand here? Why would the Serb National Assembly even host such a seminar? From my perspective, it is unthinkable that Serbia would invite a NATO organ to influence Serbia since NATO seeks to subjugate it. In light of what little I know about Serbia (and I know very little), I can only conclude that in allowing NATO to attempt to influence its members, the Serb National Assembly has demonstrated that it does not and cannot operate in the interests of Serbia. The “democratic” government of Serbia is different from Serbia itself.

In other words, the National Assembly and Serbia the nation are two vastly different things, with vastly divergent interests. This is but one example of how democracy doesn’t work in the national interest: the government is in league with Serbia’s enemies. I have seen many examples of democratic governments acting against the interests of the nations it governs. In fact, I’m unable to think of a single example of a democratic government not acting against the national interest anywhere. As I type these words, I’m at a complete loss.


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