Do You Believe in God?

The Kakistocracy

If given an audience, and the latitude to speak candidly, that’s the query I would pose to the current Bishop of Rome. And not to him alone. A polling of the synod and protestant leaders would also be illuminating. Despite glib appearance, it’s not meant as a disingenuous question. I understand these men conduct their rituals with an aptly somber mien. I understand they value the tradition of their liturgies. I understand that most are gravely serious about the church. But are they serious about God? If so, behavior belies the conviction.

Anti-Gnostic was discussing a similar topic recently and opined:

“The Church is fading because she frankly offers nothing to people that any other positive, purportedly compassionate movement–such as political liberalism–does not.”

I agree. It’s counterintuitive, and thus eschewed by church leadership, but swimming with the social current costs the church far more flock than it accrues. This from…

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