Unrest in Europe

Ignore the captioning, the spin, and other journalistic tricks and traps. The point is that Europe is boiling with rage, and the ruling elite will not be able to prevent it from boiling over.

The following are all from today.




Germany: (note that what the press calls the “far right” is peaceful)


One thought on “Unrest in Europe

  1. To offer an analysis:

    Yes, Greece is spinning out of control. The Syriza government is awash with inept ministers and having to cede ideological purity to the Russian-aligned Independent Greeks has hurt their ability to govern or gain the upper hand in bailout negotiations. The result is Greece’s continued economic malaise. The good news is that if this continues, Syriza will be viewed as a failure and only one party will be left to answer the call of popular sentiment, Golden Dawn, who the government are apparently having real trouble prosecuting because they have zero evidence.

    The business in the UK is typical bombastic idiocy from minuscule units of former BNP activists who are always outnumbered by the country’s resident Stasi ‘ANTIFA’. These people will not save the island nation from the toilet. Nor will UKIP whose star appears to be falling. I weep for the English people.

    Italy, I am surprised about. It wasn’t long ago I was reading what a joke the Lega Nord had become, but Salvini appears to be winning hearts and minds, taking what was a regional party and making it the only opposition to the incumbent socialist regime. The march on Rome was eerily reminiscent of a certain Il Duce’s antics.

    In Germany, its hard to ever know what is going on. One moment the far right seems ascendant, the next they disappear into a net of legal ranglings with Merkel intent on criminalizing them. We’ll see what happens, but unfortunately in that country anything that even smells vaguely right wing is treated with total hostility.

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