Trouble in Europe

There is already war in Ukraine. The ceasefire barely holds, and it will definitely break when spring fighting weather arrives. Of course, when there’s a land war in Ukraine, crops aren’t planted, which leads to shortages, which causes famine. We have seen this time after time in European history.

Making predictions is chaotic. We can see how we got into a situation after the fact, but knowing where small initial inputs will lead is the difficult part.

Having said that, here are some dots to connect:

1. On 19 April, HoGeSa will hold a demonstration in Germany. HoGeSa is “Hooligans Gegen Salafisten” (Hooligans against Salafists). HoGeSa is a confederation of members of various football fan clubs from across Germany. European football fan clubs are made up of men who work out and train to fight. The clubs frequently meet to engage in pre-arranged supervised street fights. Recently, after Antifa groups burned vehicles and attacked police in Frankfurt, HoGeSa released a video decrying the fact that the media accuses HoGeSa of being violent and extreme despite the fact that it is leftist Antifa groups are the source of violence on Germany’s streets. The video ends with the declaration that, if the authorities and police do not do something about Antifa (leftist) violence and terrorism on Germany’s streets, HoGeSa will. Since HoGeSa isn’t infected with the Leftist virus, they are more masculine and therefore tougher than leftist Antifas, and can beat them in a fight.

2. There is already widespread unrest in Germany, France, Italy, and Greece, and probably elsewhere. The media always lies. However, since we know that the word “racist” is simply code for “white,” we can at least make a general inference about what is really going on in this video, despite Ruptly’s attempts to maintain the Narrative: Italy is being invaded and colonized, and local Italians are clearing the invaders from their plaza using the lowest level of force necessary. In so doing, the Italians are giving Africans the benefit of European principles. Naturally, Africans will use this against Italians. The end result will be even greater levels of violence when Italians realize they have to repel an invasion. But Europeans have this advantage over the invaders: they can escalate to higher levels of organized violence than can Africans, i.e. Carthago delenda est.

3. May 1st is traditionally a day for street violence of all sorts throughout Europe. Expect it to be especially violent this year.

4. My intuition tells me something is likely to happen in late June or thereabouts. I don’t know what or where (or even if). It’s just a hunch.

Europe is being invaded and colonized. The ruling elites and media are complicit in it. Indeed, the entire EU is anti-national. Since the EU is comprised of ethnic nation-states, the EU is seeking to destroy all its ethnic nation-state members before Europeans wake up and fight back. But it seems to me that Europeans are waking up. Once awake, Europeans will fight back.

Which side will these young men be on?


One thought on “Trouble in Europe

  1. I wouldn’t be too optimistic about mass action in Europe this year. We’re simply not there yet. There needs to be more economic hardship and joblessness to get real traction behind nationalism.

    2 things to be aware of though.

    Jobbik in Hungary is surging in the polls, while Orban (whom I am rather fond of) is crashing. Will Jobbik seize power in the coming years?

    Italy’s far right had a massive successful rally in Rome just recently, with some polls putting Lega Nord as the second party.

    Golden Dawn await the trial of their leaders, but the arrest period has expired and so they are out of jail for now.

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