The Coming Witch Hunt

Near the end of its annual spring retreat meeting The Episcopal Church House of Bishops, representatives of the house said that the bishops have agreed to write a new pastoral letter to the church on the sin of racism.

The letter, expected to be adopted at the spring 2016 meeting, will be “the most lasting response of this house to that issue,” Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said during a midday press conference on March 17, the final day of the bishops’ meeting.

The letter would follow on one adopted by the house in April 1994 and another one issued March 22, 2006. The 2006 letter noted the 1994 pastoral statement said a new letter was needed because the “pervasive sin” of racism “continues to plague our common life in the church and in our culture.— From Bishops to write new letter on racism, anticipate commission on ‘impairment’ from the Episcopal News Service.


Recent generations of Americans have tended to become fixated on the decade in which they were born, and often seek to recreate it as if to make up for the fantasy of having missed out on something really cool. We first saw this in popular culture with the television show “Happy Days,” a nostalgic and completely unrealistic glorification of every imaginable cultural stereotype from the 1950s. “Happy Days” aired in the 1970s and 1980s.

I believe that what we will see in this forthcoming pastoral letter will be the product of the youngest baby boomers (those born between 1960 and 1965) at the peak of their careers longing for the civil rights “movement” (a boomer term) and other leftist expressions of the 1960s that they were born too late to have experienced first hand. These leftist expressions peaked in the decade in which they were born.

Here’s the worst part about it: they honestly and sincerely believe that there is racism in the church. In this context, I define racism as a Caucasian or Caucasians acting with the specific intent to harm a Negro or Negroes based solely on the former’s racial animosity towards the latter. But by that definition, I’d be willing to stake anything on the proposition that there is not one racist– not a single racist at all– anywhere in the Episcopal Church. That being obvious, of course they won’t use that definition. In fact, I’d be surprised if they use any definition at all. Look instead for vague and amorphous Marxist terms like “structural” and “institutional” racism, “white privilege” (and perhaps “white fragility/sensitivity/aversion”), and “troubled history/legacy,” etc.

One thing is certain: because there are no actual racists in the church, the pastoral letter on the “sin” of racism will ipso facto lead to a witch hunt. We have seen this over and over with the Left. In its most glaring enormity, it presented itself as dekulakization. Most Episcopal clergy I know are infected with the mental pathogen of Leftism. They consume and mindlessly regurgitate mass media, oblivious to the fact that mass media is Leftism per se. They are blissfully ignorant of the reality that Leftism seeks to destroy that which God has created, and that it is therefore Satanic. Such clergy are unwittingly following Satan, not God. In so doing, they are assisting in the destruction of the church. Many vocally urge its decline using such code words such as “radical hospitality,” “tearing down walls,” “breaking barriers,” “letting [X] die,” “engaging in dialogue with Muslims,” (which they now pronounce “moose-lims”) etc.

The worst offenders? Second generation clergy. I refer to them as “double insiders.” Double insiders (clergy whose parents were clergy) cannot begin to imagine how to communicate the Gospel to those outside the church for the simple reason that they have no concept of what it is like to be outside the church. They were literally born into it. And they are doing more damage than any other faction in the very factional Episcopal Church.

Episcopal leaders have abandoned any pretense at teaching morality, other than the false morality of Leftism, which is of course in reality anti-morality because it is unprincipled. They espouse Cosmopolitanist Globalism, i.e. an end to nation-states and their political boundaries via mass Third World immigration. They openly preach this from the pulpit, teach it in seminaries, and publish it in their books. Of course, we recognize this as the “withering away of the state” by another name. The Episcopal Church has been hijacked by the virus of Leftism and is being used to reproduce and promulgate Leftism via its organs.

Sadly, the most hard core communists in the organization sincerely believe that they are following God.

O Lord make haste to help us.


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