Leftist Eschatology

Yesterday, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church gave a sermon to the House of Bishops at the end of their spring meeting in North Carolina. You can read it here.

I’m vastly simplifying a complex topic, but there are two general kinds of eschatologies: Futurist Eschatology and Realized Eschatology.

Futurist Eschatology interprets apocalyptic writings as if they were written by the ancients to us and with us specifically in mind. Thus, future events in apocalyptic writings refer to our own future. The Kingdom of God will be established in some day yet to come. Much like the future tense in language, it is a religious fixation on the future.

Realized Eschatology, on the other hand, posits that apocalyptic writings were written in the context of their own time and place, and that future events in them refer to the future of the people to whom they were written. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Someone with a realized eschatological viewpoint would say that those in the past participated in the Kingdom of God, and so do we now, and so will others do in the future. Much like the imperfect tense in language, it is a religious fixation on continued past action in the present.

Leftists have their own religious fixation: the past. The Presiding Bishop’s sermon is fixated on events that are over and done with. Like the past tense in language, the leftist religious fixation is on completed past action: that which absolutely and by definition does not continue in the present. There is {present tense} no Norman invasion, no slavery, no mistreatment of the Irish, no Jim Crow. Yet the Presiding Bishop preaches against those past events, whose protagonists and antagonists are all long dead, in order to advocate for specific Progressive political policies today.

Perhaps that is why Leftism is so fixated on the past; since everyone from the past is dead, no one is around to contest Leftism’s misinterpretation of past events.

People tell stories about the past in order to influence the allocation of resources in the future.

The hypocrisy is monumental: the Presiding Bishop uses a single instance of racism within a single fraternity to call for the destruction of all fraternities nationwide. 1 is not a large enough number to make a reliable inductive generalization about the set of 1 + N. As a scientist, the Presiding Bishop knows this. Yet she makes that induction nevertheless.

Why? Why is a highly intelligent and educated person preaching irrationally, i.e. contrary to Reason and with disregard for the Truth?

Leftism doesn’t yield to Reason or Truth. It is raw, unprincipled power. Its unprincipled nature allows it to use any argument– no matter how specious– and ally itself with any force– no matter how distasteful– in order to advance itself.

Thus in her sermon the Presiding Bishop canonizes Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, despite the destructive empirical results that their policies have had for the well-being of their own peoples. The leftist solution to every failed leftist policy disaster is never repentance, it is always even more Leftism. That is insane.

Lest I be misunderstood, I have met the Presiding Bishop and can state with absolutely certainty that she means well. I can only conclude that something is forcing her, and other bishops, to work for it.

I am convinced that Leftism is a pathogen. It drives otherwise rational and intelligent human beings insane, and forces them to operate against their own interests.

The Episcopal Church has been hijacked by the virus of Leftism and is being used to reproduce and promulgate Leftism.

That being the case, the Episcopal Church should be closed. However, that would mean that the Leftism it contains would jump to and hijack a new institutional host. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t? It’s difficult to say.


One thought on “Leftist Eschatology

  1. No one is ‘forcing’ the ‘presiding bishop’ to do anything. She rebels out of willfulness for power over God and men. Certainly satan suggests rebellion to her. He does not force her however.

    But, in the churches of the modern west, females cannot be assigned agency for acts of rebellion.

    As for the Episcopal Church, it rebelled against God’s command through Paul for females not to lead men spiritually, not to rule over them. So all arguments (or rationalizations) beyond that are moot. A church attempting to sort out ‘leftism’ after accepting female clergy is only fooling itself.

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