Insanity in Federal Court

Last week, the US Army Court of Appeals ordered that references to Bradley Manning “shall be neutral, e.g. Private First Class Manning or appellant, or employ a feminine pronoun.”

I cannot think of a more absurd– and dangerous– ruling in all of Anglo-American jurisprudence. It is absurd on its face because, despite his claims, Bradley Manning is not a woman, but a man. It is dangerous for the same reason: the court is ordering the government and citizens in this case to speak and behave in a manner that is not only inconsistent with reality, but directly contrary to empirical fact.

Put another way, the court is enforcing a lie, and requiring those over whom it has jurisdiction to not only accept it, but to actively promote it.

This order is now federal law. It will be used as precedent to enforce other Leftist lies in the future.

Any man who thinks he is a woman is ipso facto insane. It doesn’t matter whether he honestly believes it or not. I’m sure there is a madman somewhere who thinks he’s a dog; would this same court order counsel to refer to him as such?

This court ruling is itself an act of madness.

Full text of the order (two pages): Order_030515


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