Thus Is Our Faith Tested

Cambria Will Not Yield

Lady_Butler_Defense_of_Rorkes_DriftWe must fall back on Christianity, which embraces man’s whole nature, and though not a code of philosophy, is something better; for it proposes to lead us through the trials and intricacies of life, not by the mere cool calculations of the head, but by the unerring instincts of a pure and regenerate heart. The problem of the Moral World is too vast and complex for the human mind to comprehend; yet the pure heart will, safely and quietly, feel its way through the mazes that confound the head…

Sure we are that a fire that would consume all the theological and other philosophical speculations of the last two centuries would be a happy Godsend.

–George Fitzhugh Cannibals All! Or Slaves Without Masters

A l Sharpton – we’ll dispense with his title – has been handed a bully pulpit on a major news station and direct access to the President…

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