Serbia’s Monarchist Movement

I find this to be very interesting. As the gentleman in the video says, they are looking to monarchy as the foundation for the future. This appears to be a reactionary movement.


Having said that, I recognize that political ideas don’t cross borders and cultures very well. Strictly speaking, it is none of my business what kind of government Serbia has. I could very well be wrong: this organization could be Leftist in Rightist clothing. But I don’t think so.

In any event, I have tremendous respect for Serbia and the Serb people, who have suffered tremendously from the unholy alliance between Leftism and Islam, and yet who have also resolutely defended their culture, ethnic identity, and religion throughout the centuries.

Video: “Reception on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Association of the Kingdom of Serbia” (Serb monarchist association), in Serbian and some English:


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