Orthodoxy as a Defense Against Islamification?

As I see it, one of two things will happen in my lifetime in Western Europe:

1. Ethnic Europeans will wake up, dissolve the EU, implement policies in their various national interests (making common cause when possible), eject their Globalist politicians from government, and unite to drive out Islam in order to save their cultures, their identities, and their futures. This goes against the Leftist pro-Islam, pro-immigrant narrative being fed to Europeans by their media, their schools, popular entertainment, politicians, the Catholic Church, and so on. Nevertheless, there is evidence of a nascent anti-Islamic reaction (PEGIDA in Germany, Front National in France, English Defence League in the UK, and other nationalist movements in other countries).

2. Islam will strengthen and grow until it imposes itself by force on native Western Europeans. This is already happening in Europe. Right now. Today. One need only open one’s eyes: entire districts in Sweden without police protection or parcel delivery due to fears of muslim violence; Rotherham; France; Kosovo; etc.

Whichever happens, it will culminate in violence, so it’s no good to say that violence can be avoided. It can’t be. One of these two things will take place. It will happen to them or it will happen to us. That being the case, I would prefer to see the first possibility happen: that Europeans wake up and realize that, once again, they are being invaded by a hostile foreign religion that is incompatible with European values and unite to drive the invaders out. We still control the militaries and police forces so now is the time to act.

Unfortunately for Western Europeans I don’t see that happening. The way things are going, Islam will strengthen and impose itself on Western Europe, by an alliance with Leftism at first, and ultimately by overt violence when populations reach a certain proportion.

When this happens, the only hope I see for Europe is Orthodox Europe. Many of the Orthodox countries know from long historical experience what Islam does to Europeans when given the chance. Perhaps the Islamification of Western Europe will cause Orthodox countries to strengthen their ties to resist Islam in their own countries. If Greece exits the Euro or the European Union altogether, would it not naturally draw closer to Russia?

Since the Western Churches have sold out to Leftism, Orthodoxy is looking increasingly attractive.


3 thoughts on “Orthodoxy as a Defense Against Islamification?

  1. Let me make some points on this topic.

    There are two ways of viewing the Islamic question in Europe that are popular right now. That European populations will wake up and vote ‘far right’ parties into power who will end unchecked immigration and perhaps in some cases deport Muslims.Or, that Muslims will grow in size within current populations to the point where we will see what Fjordman dubbed ‘Eurabia’ where Sharia Law is implemented.

    I would like to posit that neither is likely to be the case. This dichotomy ignores a few concrete realities about contemporary European politics and demographics.

    1) The first option is unlikely. Here is why. The system has been engineered in such a way that the far right hasn’t got a chance of getting into power in most of these countries, not as current economic conditions stand anyway. In France for example, for all the hype over the frankly very moderate Marine Le Pen, France has a system specifically designed to stop people like her getting into power. She would win the first round of elections easily, but lose the second because the right liberals and left wing socialists are closer to each other than either are to Front National. In the UK, the rigged parliamentary system will prohibit UKIP from ever being anything more than a possible coalition kingmaker. And countries like Denmark have rightist parties that are not really rightist. The Danish People’s Party is anti-immigration in name only.
    The only countries in Europe where the legitimate far right pose a serious threat are Hungary and Greece, neither of which have the kind of Muslim problems present in the above-mentioned countries
    I’m not saying that its impossible for Reactionary or Reactionary-aligned governments to come to power, but if they do it won’t be because of Muslim immigration, it will be because of some horrific economic collapse. The public is just too brainwashed to support the far right based on the Islamic question.

    2) The second option is also unlikely. Muslim birth rates are declining in Europe. They are still WAAAY above native European birthrates, but they are not breeding like rabbits anymore. Islam is never going to actually take over a country, not in the next 100 years anyway. What it can do is solidify political control over cities. Muslim populations stand at an average 5% in many western countries, but they climb as high as 30-40% in some large urban cities, particularly capitals. Because of a more strident Islamic political influence in such areas, what we will actually see is more white flight to rural areas, and more white emigration out of Wester Europe itself.

    So I think the picture ends up more murky than it first appears. Islam is going to start flexing its muscles in cities across Europe, and whites will stick to the countryside. More polarization, ethnic tension, political instability, its actually not a bad picture for Reactionaries.

    Dismissing notions that Reactionary thought will ever catch on with the ‘elite’ or that we will enter some utopian post-human age, our ideology’s resurgence has always relied on the self-destruction of the Modern state, or as Evola called it according to Vedic Tradition, the fall of the Kali Yuga.

    The Islamic question is helpful to our end goals in that it weakens Western secular states beyond the breaking point and creates fertile ground for ethno-nationalism, but it will not be the central reason for a return to Traditional ideals. Remember, people need to hate Modernism, not Islam. Islam doesn’t rule us. We’re not trying to overthrow them. They are just foreigners who blundered in and are making a mess.

    Orthodoxy is an interesting topic, and being Orthodox myself, I would like to entertain what you say. Indeed, Orthodoxy has seen some growth in Western Europe that is largely unprecedented, but this is mainly due to immigration from Orthodox countries of people looking for cheap labor. It would indeed be thrilling to see Orthodoxy assert itself as Eastern Europe’s ideological axis. There are some problems though.

    1) Church attendance in Eastern Europe remains pretty low, although professions of faith are very high in the post-communist period. Partly this may be due to the church’s reluctance to tackle issues of Modernity vs. Tradition.

    2) Often in the west, people who plant Orthodox churches, even those officially linked to the east, bring Modernist baggage with them. See the Indiana based organization TradYouth, who recently saw their leader excommunicated when the Southern Poverty Law Center reported his views on race to the church.

    The church needs to not only be Traditional, but it also needs to become Reactionary as Western liberalism tries to infect the east (Ukraine?). I have high hopes, but nothing is going to be as clear cut as people would like it to be. If I had one word to describe what I think the next three decades hold, it is ‘chaos’.


  2. Interesting points. Particularly, “Remember, people need to hate Modernism, not Islam.”

    Modernism is indeed the problem and Islamification is a symptom of it. Modernism has destroyed American Churches and is well on its way to destroying the Roman Catholic Church. I do not see that either of those two institutions recovering, although I suppose anything’s possible, however unlikely.

    If I had to pick an existing church that has the most potential of becoming reactionary, it would be the Orthodox Church. It has a long tradition (at least it seems to) of allying itself with ethnic national identities: Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Serb Orthodox, etc. while contributing to a larger regional semi-identity. Of course, I’m speaking way out of school because I’m not Orthodox and know very little about it, but it looks that way at least. What occurred to me was not so much that Orthodoxy would expand into Western Europe, but that Western Europe may be a lost cause altogether. I pray that the Orthodox Church does indeed become reactionary and in so doing becomes a powerful ally of ethno-nationalism in eastern Europe.


    • Certainly I pray the same thing, and I think your reference to Greece is very apt.

      Two events are going to give us an indication of how Eastern Europe is going to look going forward.

      1) The war in Ukraine

      2) The future of Greece

      At the moment, I see positive trends in both cases, in our direction.


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