Orthodox Serbia Against Islam

Serbia stands firm against Islam. Always has, always will.

In the 1990s, the European and American ruling elites (Bob Dole, John McCain, Bill Clinton, etc.) all sided with Islam against Christianity in the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Republicans and Democrats were indistinguishable in their rhetoric about the Yugoslavian civil war. Therefore, their view of it was indistinguishable. And their policy towards the centuries-old war between Orthodox Christianity and Islam was, and remains, indistinguishable. The policies of both American political parties and all of the Western European powers favored the Turks over the Orthodox. Ditto, of course, for the Press and Education during that time and continuing to this day.

Once again, those same ruling elites when faced with a stark choice between defending themselves in the face of an ancient rivalry and a modern invasion, choose not only to submit, but to actively work against the interests of their own peoples.

How is this possible? How is it that the Pope has not spoken out against the invasion of Europe by a heathen, explicitly anti-Christian religion? How is it that the Archbishop of Canterbury is a half-Jew whose cousin is an actual rabbi? How is it that the Episcopal Church promotes homosexual “marriage”, “anti-racism” and decries “white privilege”?

Our institutions are no longer ours. Can they be reclaimed? I’m skeptical.

But the Serbs have never sold out, God bless them and their loyal football fans. We may have much to learn from them.


Edit: at the beginning, the Serb fans are shouting “Kosovo” which has been stolen from them by ethnic Albanian Moslems with US and NATO assistance. At around the 7:00 minute mark, someone flew a drone over the field trailing a large Albanian flag. The game was called off because of the disruption. European football is a mere continuation of politics by other means…


4 thoughts on “Orthodox Serbia Against Islam

  1. Serbs have suffered horrifically for their faith and their nationalism in the last century. They were butchered by the Croat Ustashe who took great pleasure sawing off heads, bayoneting babies, crushing skulls with hammers, and ripping out eyeballs. They were put under the reign of communist tyrants. They had their land stolen from them and given to the only nation in the Balkans that surrendered to Islam. What was done in the 90s to the Serbs was unforgivable. A real crime against a humanity. May Bill Clinton and the men you mentioned burn in hell for their crimes!

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