Is Progressivism Caused By A Pathogen?

The question isn’t as absurd as it may at first seem.

Consider: Progressivism causes the people and institutions it infects to operate in the interests of progressivism instead of in their own interests. A few years ago, West Hunter wrote about his hypothesis that homosexuality is caused by a pathogen (his very excellent article is here: Depths of Madness.) A year later, Jayman suggested that homophobia (more accurately, homosexual revulsion) may indicate so. His article and some fascinating discussions in the comments are here: A Gay Germ? Is Homophobia a Clue?.

As I pondered both of those articles and considered how progressivism behaves– and makes others behave– I couldn’t help but see similarities.

Just as there is a natural revulsion of the idea of homosexuals being around children, there is a similar situation with progressives. According to some research I read from the Pew Center (that I cannot find at the moment), liberals are more likely than others to end friendships online and in real life because of a disagreement over politics. Think about that for a moment. Non-progressives don’t get worked up over the fact that someone thinks differently, but progressives do. Could this be a defense mechanism just as homosexual revulsion is to parents? Like almost anyone who is likely to read this, I am a neoreactionary. That means I used to believe the progressive cant, but managed to clear it from my system, in my case thanks to Mencius Moldbug.

Since I’ve been free from progressivism, I’ve largely kept it to myself. Like many, I blog under an alias. Even so, and without saying anything at all to them, the self-defined progressives I know have very little to do with me when we see each other. It’s like they somehow unconsciously know. Like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, they can sense that I’m not one of them.

Consider, too, how the entire church is fixated on homosexuals and transexuals. I believe that Christ teaches us to treat such people with compassion and to help them to live the fullest lives they can. But we can do that without promoting their pathological condition. In other words, love the sinner hate the sin. Leaving that aside for the moment, it would seem that simple institutional survival would dictate that the church not direct its focus and attention on people who are statistically the least likely to reproduce.

The church has flourished for two thousand years only to decline in the past 50 years. Why now? Why is it inviting Islam into its doors? Why is it fixated on promoting the religion of progressivism instead of proclaiming the Kingdom of God? One cannot have two religions, and the church has clearly rejected Christ in favor of the religion of progressivism. The church cannot survive on this path and yet it insists on adhering to progressivism nevertheless. That’s not in its institutional interest. If it were an ordinary corporation, its managers and board members could be sued for wrecking the company.

Something is making the church– indeed many people and institutions– put advancing the interests of progressivism ahead of even their own survival. It seems like only a pathogen could “force” an organism to do that.

In religious terms, this pathogen is called Satan. And everyone knows that the devil’s first order of business is to convince us that he doesn’t exist.

One thought on “Is Progressivism Caused By A Pathogen?

  1. “It is equally true that we are subject to like infectious attacks in the spiritual order. Swarming in the atmosphere of in our spiritual lives are innumerable deadly germs, ever ready to fasten upon the depleted and weakened soul, and propagating its leprous contagion through every faculty, destroy the spiritual life.”

    Felix Don Sarda Y Salvany – Liberalism Is A Sin

    The nature of Modernity does appear to be both viral and fated in nature, a societal cancer that has characteristics of metaphysical abhorrence even as it claims to be a purely naturalistic pursuit. What could be more evil than that which progressive liberalism has caused? Occasionally, the satanic element reveals itself as when abortionists chant “hail satan” and FEMEN desecrates churches and destroy holy icons.

    The saving grace is, they are destined for defeat.

    God bless, brother. Added to my blogroll.

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