Why NRx is Winning

“The reason NRx is winning is that it has resisted dissolving into the usual cesspools that plague the right and repel interesting people. We will continue to declare intellectual sovereignty, continue to take the measured and analytic approach that appeals to serious intellectuals, continue to grow, and continue to affirm the findings that make us unique and compelling:

• Patriarchy and families are the foundation of society.
• The natural and unmolested course of selection and elimination must be allowed to occur in economics and society.
•Hierarchy is the natural and right way for people to cooperate.
•Different people are different. Equality is a lie.
•Progressivism is an insane religion advanced by a hostile media/academic machine.
•It’s not just “The Jews”.
•Democracy isn’t going to fix these problems.
•Merely denouncing those to the right creates a deadly signalling spiral, so no enemies to the right.”

From Why NRx is Winning at MoreRight.net.


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