Idol Worship

Decline This is the cover of the recently released “Report to the Church 2015.”

It is a document of what is left (no pun intended) of the Episcopal Church. I have not read it yet. I don’t have the heart to. But I suspect that I don’t really have to. A picture sometimes really is worth a thousand words.

This is not who we are. It is therefore no surprise that we have left the church in droves. The Episcopal Church is a cultural institution in the Anglican tradition. Despite what the communists who have taken it over say, it will never appeal to Negroes, Mexicans, Somalis, etc. because it is not a product of those cultures. The more it tries to appeal to the “other”, the more it alienates the body. In this respect, the Episcopal Church can be understood as being infected with the virus of Leftism: the church has been hijacked and is operating in the interests of the “other” and against its own interests.

Can it be saved? What will it take to save it? I would convert to Roman Catholicism tomorrow, but I know from my Roman Catholic friends that the RC church is in the same straits. Imagine a Pope with balls who called for European unity and for the expulsion of Muslims from European territory. A Pope who would ignore the liberal press and simply align himself with the European center politically. A Pope who would even summon the royal families of Europe and ask them what they intended to do about the situation. We can pray for that.

I think Psalm 74 describes our situation rather well. Compare it to the odious and disgraceful image issued by the Episcopal Church. This is our heritage, this inspired generations of achievers. We must return to this in order to survive. Psalms-Chapter-74-75


5 thoughts on “Idol Worship

  1. The Anglican Church does appeal to some Negroes, esp. in Africa, where, unlike in the West, the Anglican Church is uncompromising, standing against homosexual activity and activism, standing for traditional sex roles, etc.


    • Yes, you are correct. I was speaking in terms of my own (North American) culture. Issues such as these often don’t translate very well across borders. The Anglican Church is actually on the front lines against Islam in Africa. Too bad it’s on the side of Islam in my own culture.


      • I know; I’m North American too (Canadian in my case, so less blacks around, but still, our Anglican church, like the British one, is just like your Episcopalian church).

        Speaking about Anglicans here being on the side of Islam: a few years ago, in response to a popular Canadian sitcom about a small prairie town on a private Canadian network (CTV), the taxpayer-funded (extorted) CBC created a slightly similar program, similar in that it was also set on the Canadian prairies, but in a small town that ostensibly had a significant enough Muslim population to have enough for a congregation; it was called “Little Mosque on the Prairie”; it was highly PC, and dreadfully unfunny. IIRC, the Muslims rented space in an Anglican church. Naturally, when I perused an Anglican magazine at the time the show was on the air (out of boredom, I guess), it had nothing but gushing about LMOTP, and commented on how it was supposedly a show ‘more representative of Canada’s multicultural reality’ than that other show, which made me both amused and mad, because Canada is only multicultural in the bigger cities; in smaller places like prairie small towns, it is anything but, so that other show was much more representative of true Canadian reality. But, in the deluded mind of a Canadian Anglican magazine writer, belonging to an ever-shrinking denomination yet refusing to see the problem, it was the publicly funded show that supposedly got things right. I thought, no wonder the Anglican church here is in trouble…


      • Here’s how bad it is in the states. A month or so ago the Episcopal Church allowed a complete muslim Friday prayer service to take place in the national cathedral (the building, not “the Cathedral”). What the progs who have taken over the Episcopal Church either do not know or do not care is that according to Islam, once such a service has taken place in a building, that building is a mosque.


      • Yikes!
        Indeed, and according to Islamic dogma, the dar-al-Harb must be conquered by the dar-al-Islam, and the Anglicans who therefore continue to worship there would be considered to be in violation of an Islamic sacred space…

        The progs are damned fools, whether wilfully or ignorantly…


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