Reframing: Anti-SJW Edition

Chateau Heartiste

Je suis Charlie Martel (heh) gives an excellent example of reframing, a concept that is one of the pillars of Game but that can apply in almost any social context.

When the “offended” card is played there is a simple reframing:

“You must be really weak and insecure to get offended by something like that. Sucks to be a little pussy like you.”

Works every time.

This is why CH added “White Male Pussy of the Month” as a post category. You gotta hit ’em where it hurts, and the typical SJW is one friendzone away from a sexual identity crisis.

Stop playing by your enemies’ tune. Play your own tune, and crank the volume to ear-splitting. The androgyne SJW secretly wants nothing less than to submit totally to a true master. Womanly, to the end.

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