My condolences to the people of France.

Having said that, Hebdo and his fellow travelers were pro-immigration and anti-Christian. The irony of being murdered by the wogs they championed will no doubt be buried by the MSM.

Islam is a dangerous violent heathen religion that is incompatible with European values. It must be driven out of Europe or it will take over. This is not rocket science. Everyone has known this throughout history until the past 50 years or so. The longer we put this off, the more difficult and bloody it will be.

Il faut arracher les baobabs.

Here’s why multiculturalism and “diversity” can never work: “The trouble with having a hornet nest in your yard is that, while most of the hornets WON’T sting you, many will… and by the time you learn to differentiate, it’s too late.

A secondary nettlesome issue is that the hornets who DIDN’T sting you will never, ever side with you against the hornets who did.”

Quoted comment by Greg Eliot at Chateau Heartiste.


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