So Where are the American Gulags?

“…I think this betrays an almost unbelievable secret about the American Regime: They actually believe their own propaganda. What America has managed to do is not merely to get everyone believing that everyone believes that everyone believes (and so on) that the Constitution is the constitution, but also get its own leaders to believe it. When you read NYT or listen to NPR, you are on the one hand ingesting obvious propaganda spun by the regime; but on the other hand, generally at least, also ingesting the honest-to-goodness totally non-Machiavellian opinions of our power elite. They actually believe, in the main, most of the time, their own bullshit.”

The Reactivity Place

The_fence_at_the_old_GULag_in_Perm-36NIO linked this video describing the Asche Experiments in his recent Game Theory, The Asche Experiments and Mass Media. NIO’s work here is excellent. I’d described it as opening a new front in the guerrilla war neoreaction is waging against the mainstream media. If not a new front, then at the very least a huge store of ammunition and a method to get more.

The Asche experiments show the now well-known, well-understood result that people feel social pressure to go along with a crowd even when the crowd is wrong. It is for most neurotypical people a question of social and psychological costs versus benefits. What is the net harm to me for agreeing with wrongsters about the size of a line? What is the net harm to society for agreeing with them? What is the harm to me for truth-telling? Could there even be harm for society if…

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