In Search of a Church

How many times have you heard someone say, “I didn’t leave the church, the church left me”?

I’ve heard that all my life, a life which has pretty much tracked the decline of the church in Western Civilization. With each reform (i.e. lurch leftward) people have left the church in droves. It’s so obvious a blind man could see it: if you want to reverse the decline of the church, simply reverse Vatican 2 policies. All churches, Protestant and Catholic, peaked just before they both chimped out in the 1960s; I’ll call that Vatican 2 for short, but the Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, etc. all went through similar events roughly at the same time as the Roman Catholic church did.

Along that time came the release of prole translations of the Bible and prole hymnals and prole liturgies and the unholy, egotistical, ignorantly-grounded ad populum altars and sitting in a circle. Traditions that had evolved over thousands of years were discarded in a fit of revolutionary fervor in the 1960s and 1970s. This happened at the same time dictionaries stopped being prescriptive and instead adopted Marxist, nihilistic, policies to the point that infer and imply are now listed in the dictionary as synonyms when they are in fact opposites. (See, if you can find it, a wonderful essay on the difference between Webster’s New International Second Edition, 1932, and the scandalous Third Edition, 1961: “A String Untuned,” by Dwight MacDonald.)

This Advent, I am longing for a traditional counterbalance to the flood of Leftism that comes from schools, “news,” and entertainment. On social media, priests and bishops are spewing the party line about “racism” and “Ferguson,” and “campus rape,” despite the fact that those so-called issues are premised on lies.

The Episcopal Church: Leftist.
The Roman Catholic Church: Leftist
The Anglican Church in North America: Leftist of N years ago, in communion with Africans as equals.
With all respect to my fellow Christians who are Evangelicals, I respect your denominations but I personally do not fit into the Reformed tradition; I am not a Calvinist. But I am a monarchist.

Here’s what I’m looking for: a liturgical church with a high mass (incense, processions, respect for the liturgical calendar and Feasts and Fasts); choral music; organ; traditional hymns; appointed scripture read in its entirety, not cherry-picked; the King James Bible; stained glass; traditional architecture; a balance between Scripture, Reason, and Tradition; no conflict with Science; a clear moral teaching; no references to external culture in its Sunday school or other materials; no “ecumenical cooperation” with Jews or Muslims (in fact, it is not shy about preaching against them); no homosexual marriage; a healthy skepticism for media; candles and no overhead electric lights during evening services; and so on. No drums, no guitars, no rainbows, no hippies, and no you are not welcome to come “as you are”, you are expected to dress for church. You get the idea: basically an Anglican or Roman Catholic church as it existed before World War 2.

Is there an Episcopal or Roman Catholic holdout group that this remotely describes?


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