A Covenant Renewed

Cambria Will Not Yield

Barton_ToddlersPrecious memories, unseen angels
Sent from somewhere to my soul,
How they linger, ever near me,
And the sacred past unfolds.

There are so many atrocities committed by blacks against whites that it has become impossible to give each white victim the attention they deserve. By rights every murdered white should have their name put on a war memorial, because they lost their lives in our nation’s bloodiest war, the war that only one side is fighting. Amidst the barbarities of any war there are always some victims that stay in your memory permanently. One such victim who stays in my memory and my prayers is Jonathan Foster, the young boy who was burned to death by a demonic black woman. I know there are some Christian groups that do not believe in prayers for the dead, but how can we put a limit on God’s grace? That poor…

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