Racial Justice

The narrative is always the same: Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, was shot to death by a white policeman.

This implies that it would have been better if he had been armed, and could have instead killed the policeman. But I don’t know anyone who actually believes the narrative that white police officers are murdering young black males even as they subscribe to the narrative.

Then there are calls for “racial justice” or “justice for Michael Brown” as if the word justice can survive such qualifications.

This morning I asked some progressives who were parroting the narrative if they had ever heard of Hannah Graham. Not one of them had. That was a case of abduction, actual forced rape (in real life, not the feminist fictional kind), and murder. I described the case and asked why it wasn’t reported in the media. Blank stares. I also noted that white people didn’t respond with violence and calls for “racial justice” or “justice for Hannah Graham.”

Today I learned of another black on white rape and murder, that of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. If you haven’t heard about it, look it up. It’s stomach-turning.

Where I live, homeless people live in the parks, under bridges, in the express lane tunnels, and on vacant lots. Charity food distribution centers have lines stretching for blocks. It is quite apparent that the country cannot house, feed, or employ these people, and yet the progressive party line stresses cosmopolitanism, championing limitless immigration for all. That’s hardly a policy that will benefit the poor; a third grader can see that it will make the poor worse off. I’ve found that a useful way of making progressives think for just a moment, as it highlights how their charitable and pro-immigration impulses contradict each other.

Our cities are wastelands and crime-ridden no-go zones, race-baiting politicians find common cause with communist agitators urging mob actions and violence on political pretenses, and politicians violate their constitutional oath and turn a blind eye to wave after wave of Third World immigration. Meanwhile negroes rape and murder white college students without so much as a peep from the MSM.

Neither political party has the will to address these issues because both political parties benefit from it. Neither liberalism nor conservatism has the answer because they are merely two sides of the same worthless coin.

Our country and system are collapsing around us, and I fear that it isn’t going to end well.


One thought on “Racial Justice

  1. America had one chance to prevent all this; after the Confederacy was defeated and slavery ended, and there was the repatriation of some folks to what is now Liberia, there instead could have been repatriation of all of them there.

    Then America would have ended the curse it still has today, that of race matters…


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