In recent weeks I’ve been thinking about the origin of ideas. If two people have the same idea independently of one another, that idea cannot have originated within either of them; it must have an external source. With that as a premise, God exists, Satan exists, and other spiritual forces exist. They are subtle, yet quite real. Every language and culture has a word and concept for God. The difference between Christianity and a pagan religion is that paganism worships creation rather than the Creator. It is for that reason inherently egotistical and self-referential. It does not and cannot hold forth the promise of redemption or even of improvement, even as abstract ideals.

I once read an interview with the director of a planetarium. He was asked if he thought that intelligent life existed in outer space, and what he thought an encounter with them would be like. He reply astonished me in its simple gravity: “Would we even be aware of it?”

Would we even be aware of it indeed! Do farm animals know they are domesticated? I seriously doubt it. By the same token, just because we are unaware of spiritual forces in our world doesn’t mean they aren’t real, or even in charge of us.

In the past year, my thinking has undergone a sea change. Last year I saw a hate post on FB about Fat Shaming week. The post (made by a fat chick, of course) had the opposite of its intended effect. I looked up Fat Shaming Week and found it on Return of Kings. Over a month, I must have read every article on the site. Sure, many of them are juvenile, but some of them got me thinking. In a comment, someone named “Douglas” posted something about the Dark Enlightenment which led me to Unqualified Reservations which blew my mind. [Thank you, Douglas, whoever you are. I’m free!]

Last Thanksgiving I was a full-blown Progressive. I considered myself to be a critical thinker, but had swallowed the entire Progressive agenda hook, line, and sinker. I voted for Obama. Twice. Yet somewhere in the back of my mind there was something nagging from deep within the subconscious that something was wrong. I have never bought political correctness in its crudest forms, but still accepted the premises behind it. Over the next couple of months, I read everything on Unqualified Reservations. Yes, Moldbug is wordy and linky, but his writing changed my worldview.

This Thanksgiving, I’m a hardcore neoreactionary monarchist. I’m also a racist, a sexist, and a supporter of patriarchy. And whatever else progressives call their targets. Taking the red pill was a life-altering experience for me. It was very unpleasant, and it isn’t over. But I wouldn’t trade the pain of red pill awareness for blue pill comfort and any amount of money.

“Where does this idea that, if NPR is wrong, Fox News must be right, come from? They can’t both be right, because they contradict each other. But couldn’t they both be wrong? I don’t mean slightly wrong, I don’t mean each is half right and each is half wrong, I don’t mean the truth is somewhere between them, I mean neither of them has any consistent relationship to reality.” — Mencius Moldbug

There is a danger of binaries in our thinking: either you’re for A or you’re for B. Moldbug exposed me to this reality as it is played out in the socio-political arena. I had rejected conservatism when I was in high school, but Moldbug’s writings helped me to see the fraudulence of progressivism without having to be a conservative.

So I’ll say it now: I’m a monarchist. And again, I am a monarchist! It was in me all the time. My interest in history has always drawn me to the imperium. After college I spent the summer in Europe and could see with my own eyes what had been built before 1914 and what came afterwards. I just didn’t allow myself to admit that I do in fact long for the restoration. The blinders are gone, and I’m no longer beholden to the evil spiritual forces that are served in education, news, entertainment, and other media. If we don’t put God first in all we do, we will fall under the sway of darkness. That is the psychological reality alluded to in Deuteronomy 30. Carl Jung recognized this as well, cf “Christ, a Symbol of the Self,” etc.

Technological advances mask social decline. The ancients were more in touch with spiritual reality than we are. The older a source, the more I’m inclined to trust it.

Cultural Marxists took over our universities in earnest in the 1980s. That’s when the 1968ers in the US reached their pinnacle of power. And of course, what is taught in universities becomes public policy 25 years later. And that’s where we are now. We are seriously expected to somehow mainstream transgenderism as a new norm, when it is in my opinion a form of madness. Christian charity teaches us to be kind to those who suffer. But a man who seeks to cut off his penis is ipso facto insane and ought not to be in charge of anything or be taken too seriously by anyone.

The idea of homosexual marriage was laughable when I was growing up. How fast things have changed. Yes, there have always been homosexuals and bisexuals in every society. It’s a fact. Again, Christian charity teaches compassion for the individual, even turning a blind eye to it, but elevating it to the status of a norm is nothing short of madness.

One is tempted to ask, “why now?” If there has always been homosexuality, why is it more than just fashionable, but a societal fixation, at this point in history? I think it has much to do with how the brain processes information.

For the past 500 years or so, we (and by we I mean white Europeans) have primarily used print to convey information. Reading is a left hemisphere brain function. It is no accident that around the time of widespread literacy in Europe, there were witch hunts. Society literally turned against and attacked its own women. The late Leonard Shlain (IKW, but ideas have external origins) explains this in “The Alphabet Versus the Goddess“, and I think he’s definitely onto something. The left hemisphere of the brain is predominantly male and the right predominantly female. What takes place in our psyches is played out in our larger external societies. Thus the witch hunts of 500 years ago.

Now, however, we are seeing the reverse. Since the 1950s, the rise of television and now other forms of passive non-linear visual inputs have surpassed linear reading. The right hemisphere of the brain is being stimulated to a greater degree than the left; the Feminine is stronger than the Masculine in the mind and this is being played out in our larger external societies today. Psyche (feminine) is out of balance with Eros (masculine) and that, to quote the hippies, isn’t sustainable.

It is therefore no accident that finding linear, step-by-step “by the numbers” instructions is becoming increasingly difficult, as we are instead presented with a video tutorial that seeks to “show” us how to do something. It is just another expression of the same problem with human psychology: our masculine and feminine ideals are out of balance.

This is happening in religion, of course. It is increasingly common to hear priests (not just priestesses) make reference to “Mother God” or even “Mother Jesus” (seriously, you can’t make this shit up). Feminizing God the Father destroys the concept of Christmas, and opposition to Christmas is per se opposition to Christianity and therefore the work of the Devil.

In Hebrew the word ruach has a feminine gender. When it was translated into Greek, the word available was pneuma, which is neuter. St. Jerome’s Latin translation uses the word spiritus, which is of course masculine. I agree with Jung that this represents a problem, and also further agree with Jung that the elevation of Mary is the proper way of resolving the issue. Unfortunately, this isn’t taking place in mainstream Christianity. What is happening is the perverse feminization of the masculine and vice versa. Masculinity and femininity exist in the world and in our psychology; I see no reason for one to become the other. And yet yesterday, I heard a grown “man” talking with a vocal fry. It has gotten that bad.

Ideas are expressions in human form of external spiritual realities. Atheism even in a psychological sense is an impossibility since it, too, must have an external spiritual source. A society without a clear sense of spiritual purpose cannot survive. White Christians are under attack everywhere. Our cultures are in decline and there is nothing I can do about it.

Except pray for the restoration.


4 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. Amazing how quickly one’s perspective can change, if exposed to the truth. (Though, to be fair, alas, sometimes people can be brainwashed as fast, and fall away from the truth; I’ve unfortunately seen it.)

    Anyway, glad you came around, and took the reactionary Red Pill (if I may borrow a manosphere metaphor; being in both worlds, it comes natural to me). 🙂


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